Two ears one mouth!!

Some days are so refreshing…

When things get polarised on specific topics, it is always best to get up, out and away.

Away from the things that are narrowing your focus and affecting your mood. 

That was today. Well, this afternoon because this morning I was still in a funk.

This afternoon was different. I went out to meet friends, and then I caught up with another good friend, and we wandered around the city of Beijing. 

It was great because on the whole, I listened and he talked. He was a font of knowledge on many things, and he shared without question or prompting. His enthusiasm for life and Beijing was exhilarating. It was great to listen and learn from thirty-four years of his experiences in China.

When there is so much noise from all of the channels of mental input… it is always good to switch off from the digital world and engage with your surroundings.

Some days I just want to see.

Some days I just want to listen.

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