Lego is not life. Editing is.

Lego is not life. Editing is.

My son coined the phrase “Lego is my life’‘ when he was so deep into Lego that he would build his contraptions during the night whilst sleeping. His latest Lego project often accompanied him to bed, and it would be transformed during the sleep. Forget soft toys and cuddly koala’s. When he was supposed to be in bed sleeping, he would be up and at it, and in the morning, a new thing would appear. 

Genius and dedication. (Addicted)

I admired him for his devotion and commitment to his passion. He was full-on engaged in the pursuit of happiness through the exploration of Lego. I also got in on the act, and as a father-son connection, Lego was the boss toy. Nothing else came close.

Lego was his (ours) life back then. Accepted. But things change. Life changes… We both accept that.

I have since arrived at my new discovery, and that is, Lego is not life. Lego is that stuff that you stand on in the dark and then scream at for the damage it has caused. Lego is the unspoken word for not saving the planet through recycling, and Lego is not cheap. It is an expensive build once utopia, that is a time hogging frustration and produces a real-life result that falls short from the picture on the box.

Like McDonald’s french fries, Lego promises so much but disappoints. The difference is that McDonald’s french fries can come with curry sauce if you ask for it. Lego doesn’t. And even if Lego was to go with curry sauce, it would still taste rotten.

Life, though, is video editing. It is like Lego, but without all the downsides I just mentioned. Editing has no physical form, so you can not stand on it and puncture your sole. It is also suitable for saving the planet. It’s great for mindfulness. The only picture on the box you need to follow is the one inside your nogging. You are making the rules up on this one.

Editing my own YouTube movie is life, but knowing that there are Lego movies out there, then that throws a little plastic spanner in the works. 

Think about that. Someone has had to edit the Lego movies. In my son’s eyes, and I love my son, that would be challenging. There are no physical bricks. For me, well, the idea of editing a Lego move causes confusion in my mind. Editing and Lego, for the purpose of a movie… well, that is just downright greedy.

That kind of opportunity, Lego and editing, could start a war if not positioned right.

But I am a peace-loving man, and I accept that life is made up of many options so Lego and editing can live side by side in harmony.

What’s that. Wait, what. There is a Batman Lego Movie!!

Oh, for frig sake, that is just super greedy. No one person should be privileged enough to hold that much power.

Not even Lego God.

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