A slippery slope by the money men.

Sure, I would love to place my order, and I would go over the top with what I would choose to eat. The prices were reasonable, the food was fabulous, and so off I would go with throwing caution to the wind again.

3 lessons from Friday socks on a Friday!!

The insight came from a comment from my Son the night before. I was pondering his words on the walk into my work that very same morning. We were coming to terms with a rather frustrating driving test situation where things were repeatedly cancelled due to an ever-changing covid situation and the over bureaucratic nature of one tough administrator. I explained to my Son that we just need to be calm and deal with what we can.

Five years from now and what?

If you are reading this over a coffee, pause and ponder this short list of questions because most people don’t, and they wake up five years down the line and say exactly that…

Communication channels everywhere!!

Now, in this new normal, it is communications constantly firing towards you. Everything from everywhere. And it all has a distinct feeling that the senders are considering the action done, completed, because they off-loaded it as quickly as possible into the communication pit.

A whole lot of great music!!

Today, on my thirty-minute walk to work, I switched my mind back to music and to compliment that, I changed my well-worn path. I took a different road into work and passed things I had forgotten that were there. I seen different faces, and I walked with a spring in my step even though the burnt orange leaves of autumn were littering the sidewalk of the back roads that I danced along.

A breakthrough moment that led to a breakthrough video…

As the daylight came into vogue and the seasonal picture emerged, I got more and more comfortable. I was warm, and from my advantage point, I could enjoy the feeling without any exposure to the extreme snowfall and freezing conditions.

A year from now, will you remember this exact moment?

I liked this sentence, and I flipped it over. I asked myself if I would remember this exact moment a year from now. I wasn’t sure if I would, but I know that many times in the past, I had wished that I had started something, and the fact was, I didn’t. 

People have a way to let you down…

No more. I will be asking a lot of questions. There will be no clear yes until I fully understand what is being asked, and even then, I will be leaning back into my contract building days and securing a break clause.

Feeling the distance gap!!

When I am asked about my take away from the pandemic situation that we, the world, has stumbled through over the last couple of years, I will say…

Simplify and Focus

‘Simplify and focus’ appears to be a catchphrase for many people who don’t take the time to stop and think about what they mean when they make that request. They want to skip past the need for detail and straight onto the handout. They want the cribbed version, the bullet points. A sound bite. A bullet point.

My 17.5-year-old son’s clarity on personal finance!!

was being a typical dad, and I was going on a bit. I think parents do that kind of thing. We go on a bit and drag the backside out of the subject matter. Well, I know I do. But it was with meaning and a good heart full of intention as I was trying to guide a conversation than have any strong point of view.

The beautiful success of positive self talk!!

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.” 

The power of creating and sharing!!

It has made me a stronger person because I get to complete stuff, which doesn’t stop just at creating content. It has set me up with a mindset for life and given me new tools to cope with life challenges and focus on getting things done.

Thanks to the big resignation…

Getting that part wrong because you made it all about the money is a slippery slope, and we all know it, but very few people have the talent to stop that slide because they are too busy looking upwards to their boss. 

What I learned about Twitter when I went full-on in there!!

Like any drug, limit your exposure to it or get off it all together. The people that decide things for us even say you should not be taking a daily aspirin now… well, until the next more expensive thing comes to the front to replace that cheap solution. We are being done up like manky kippers…

When in doubt, quote it out…

…about the need to keep going but to keep refining. Getting started is easy, maintaining the momentum way past seven is difficult. people quit because it isn’t perfect or they are not as good as the others…

What simple things in life do you miss?

Anyway, I am not sure it was that much more straightforward in my day. It did seem so, but I am not so sure. I thought that technological advances would make things easier, but now it seems that will not be the case…

Tattoo or two?

That sentence above in BOLD was the response from my partner – who associates tattoos with gangsters!! A long story cut short, she grew up in a city in China and, well, Levi jeans and tattoos were the images given to the rebellious character within the literature at that time.