Love financial freedom within 3 months.

Everything you wanted to know about MONEY but were afraid to ask. 

“Son, These are the financial books I wish I could have read when I was 18. When you read them over this next year and take from them the basics of personal finance, you will be in a stronger place to plan your financial life. What you learn, understand deeply and put into practice will set you up perfectly for an ever-changing world that will become increasingly unstable.”

The other day I watched a program on CNN about robots picking stock in a distribution warehouse. I have also seen robots in my local restaurant picking and serving food. Like you, I am serving myself at the supermarket check out. No matter how frustrating the checkout process is, I am still doing it.

There is a change in the air.

I understand the idea of automated cars and trucks, and I can deduce the impact this will have on that workforce soon. No industry is safe from the change that is coming. I see artificial intelligence producing great photography, and I watched a video with an artificial voice-over. Computer-generated graphics are so good that you could swear it was human. I see algorithms and binary code changing the speed and basics of trade – digital money. Bitcoin.

Come gather around people, wherever you roam. And admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you is worth saving then you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone. For the times they are a changing.

‘The Times They Area A-Changing’ – Bob Dylan.

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and the jobs that we do to make our money are also changing. The future we thought was happening years from now is with us, and intelligent people are adjusting to future proof from the pressures they see in getting and keeping their money. 

Money is essential to our survival. It is a necessary evil, but it can be tamed and put in its place, but you have to be purposeful in this battle. You have to be open about money, learn and embrace it, or it can snatch away your life. 

Put the need for money into perspective. We are encouraged at every moment in our life’s journey to take an integral part in the modern world and consume as much as we can along with everyone else. The world turns on this consumption, and it is always our choice whether we take part or not. 

I am ok with whatever you choose, take part or not. But I ask you to take some time to dig deeper into the detail and keep a view on the broader narrative. Our ‘choice’ is constantly being manipulated, so you have to keep your wits about you and stay informed. I recommend you research the powers out there, making you decide to buy stuff and read this book.

Additional Reading/Listening Recommendation.

Be absolutely clear that the world is built on consumption, which takes cash or debt. Debt keeps you enslaved, and to some, it is better than cash. Debt will keep you chained into the system for better or worse, for death us do part. Debt is a marriage made in hell, and that marriage, if you enter into it, will last for a very long time. 

I am now free from it. But it took an enormous effort, and it is this enormous effort that I am trying to help my son avoid.

My son is eighteen years old and will be in the workplace for anything up to fifty years before he can retire, that’s if…

…and he stays chained to the same storyline that I was sold when I was his age. My job as a father is to show him the broader story in life and to put it into a less linear structure than the general narrative…

‘Born, educate, job, marry, car, house, kids, retire, grandkids and die.’

My duty is to give him the nitty-gritty books of life and not the glossy leaflets that promise instant success. My role is to paint an insightful future by joining the dots of the past and to help him realise other options. For that, I use my own experiences and the information that I have gathered over the years.

One of the options to have a different journey is to play the game of life quicker. That is why I have recommended, bought and encourage him to read the following books in the order I have set out below.

He has time to read them at a pace that he can balance his school life, but every delay will extend the finishing point. I know this and will support his self-discovery in other ways and will guide his exposure to personal finance.

For you, the audience of this story, I urge you to consume this ‘study course’ in three months. This set of books will cost you between £50-£60, but it will be one of the best investments in yourself that you will ever make.

And when you take the smallest of steps of action to free your financial future, thank no one but yourself.

Get the idea of a ‘financial freedom’ journey with this book.

Play with FIRE!!

Put personal finance into your living and workspace

Reset your life!

Simplify and focus when investing on a budget.

Keep it simple

The action plan – The operational aspect of personal finance.

Be purposeful with your money.

Staying the pace by riding the highs and lows of gathering up your money.

Get the money mindset right.

Going further and keeping life simple in preparation for retirement.

Balance what you need with your wants.

The future you that should engage the creative side.

Creativity is yours for the making.

Who knows what the future holds but it is always best to be learning to swim.

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