Why no further education?

Why no further education?

I often meet people who have had an excellent education and spent a ton of money on it. Often still paying it. But yet. They have stopped educating themselves. They have found themselves in the role they trained for (in some cases not), and they have stopped. Settled. 

I don’t understand that. 

The way I see it.

You get taught at when in primary school. When you move into a secondary school, you move from being taught into more of a self-learning process. In further education, University, College, you are introduced to learn thoroughly on your own. Sure, you attend some classes and get direction, but you are learning on your own for the most part.

Then you leave education and get into the workplace. You continue to learn because the job requires that you do. But, you stop the self-learning. Essentially you have regressed and moved back into that primary school mentality.


You were trained to learn, and yet, here you are, stopped. On pause, not learning.

My mantra, keep on learning. Do that, and you will find what you love most, and you will get somewhere quicker. Somewhere you might actually want to be…

Unless you are where you exactly want to be.

In primary school.

We have schools in common….

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