So, the meaning of life!!

So, the meaning of life!!

A quick recap… yesterday I wrote the following;

‘Life is complicated. There is no doubt about that. It is a big messy feck of a thing, and it hangs around you until you or your body opts out. 

The game is about keeping it running until your body is the thing that makes the choice. But the answer is why? Why keep it running?

Why go to the effort to get through a lifetime of years for it all to end in darkness. Is that what happens, black. Nothing?

So, the big question remains, what is it all about? This life thing. 

That is the age-old question that has been explored in every single way known. Scholars the world over have been chewing on this big question throughout the centuries. There are millions of words written about the meaning of life, and the search will continue. 

People from every faith and corner of the earth will continue to debate and harangue each other over the elusive answer. 

From what I have read, nothing sticks to a cohesive explanation.

But I think I have cracked it. 

It is not the number forty-two. That’s too complicated for me, and I have managed to simplify it further…

If you want the answer, check in to my next blog, and I will give you that profound clarity of the meaning of life.

I will sum it up in one word.’

Today I have to give you the answer to the meaning of life. I promised, and you don’t break promises.

So here goes my giving…

The one word to rule them all, and that word to sum up everything we know as that thing we call life.

That one word is…


That’s it. The one word. 


Now hear me out, humour me. I can explain, and if my explanation isn’t satisfactory for you, then go back to your previous anchor – the meaning of life is actually 42.

But back to HOLES.

Think about it for a moment. Everything is about holes. Seriously, come with me on this. Holes are the very lifeblood of everything we do in this journey we call life, and they are everywhere and all-seeing and all-knowing.

When we arrive in this world, we come in through a hole. When we depart, we will be buried in a hole. To sustain ourselves, we have to constantly fill our hole with the correct nourishment. To reject what is not suitable for us, then we utilise our hole.

Holes are the very key to our being.

Early man, Homo Erectus, knew this, so his early survival was based on finding a hole and then finding a hole in the wall, a cave, to call home. After that came fire. The hole was the first.

Our modern-day life is all about holes. We go into our place of work through a hole. When we are paid, we take our money out of a hole in the wall. We chuff our hedonistic nourishment down our hole when we eat and be merry with our spoils of war and work. And we eject it… well, you guessed.

When we travel, move from place to place, our very existence evolves around travelling in and out of holes. The future of travel will involve time travel through wormholes, and what more is there to say. The future will involve vastly more holes and deeper context if we survive as a species.

Everything past, present and future are about holes. When you see it as I see it, when you have opened your mind hole, you will never be able to un-see what you have been taught by reading this text.

The very essence of life starts from sex, and sex, simplified, is just putting things in holes.

From that, we get a life, and we give meaning.

So the meaning of life is ‘HOLES’, and we should do our part to journey through them with grace, patience and precision.

If you cannot muster any of the above, then just pass through all the holes in your journey with one overriding trait, and that is…

‘Pass through your HOLES in life with great humour.’ 

Nothing else beats a good wholesome laugh.

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