Take 10 minutes out of your day…

Take 10 minutes out of your day…

There are 1,440 minutes in a full day, and to take ten minutes out of your day is approximately 0.7% of that total time.  

It is a worthwhile investment if you put a concentrated effort into making the most of that dedicated 0.7%.

Set aside the ten minutes to do something spectacularly different or delightfully new each day. Schedule the ten minutes into your day and put some effort into deciding what it is you will do with this gift of time.

I have been doing my ten minutes of action for a month now, and it has taken pride of place on my mental mantelpiece. It has become as familiar in my head as the clock and the two brass caricatures that were so prominent in the home that I grew up in. They also sat pride of place on the old mantelpiece above the roaring coal fire. 

Working out what I want to do with the allotted time is something I look forward to doing as much as the act of actually doing the thing. I have even sent myself off to sleep at night, rolling over in my mind the many ideas and options I could have ready for my ten minutes.

Just to be clear, this is not ten minutes of breathing mindfulness as measured by your watch. This is ten minutes of actionfulness. It is a different thing, and it pulls on other emotions.

Try it and see for yourself. 

Invest that 0.7% each day for a week, and if you don’t get it, get back to staring blankly into your social media feed on your phone. Add the 0.7% to the total time you already spend on social media, and then do the arithmetic.

Yeah, you see it don’t you. That percentage of time that you waste soaking up nothing in particular…

When you could be doing something else particularly, particular.

I will remind you again… invest the 0.7%, wisely.

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