Capture what you have done.

Capture what you have done.

Everyone has a ‘to do list’ of some sort. You might be super organised and have it listed on paper, on your phone or stuck to the fridge. You actively manage the additions and subtractions to the list because that is how you are. Planned. Prepared and you like to achieve.

You might be the alternative to the organised person, be more scrappy, and have no format for recording what you want to get done. 

However, somewhere lurking in your head is a shape to what you want to achieve. Even if it is feck-all for the day, that. Is. Still. A. List. Of. Sorts.

But if you are honest with yourself, you will recognise that you have a list of stuff you want to get done and it is somewhere close at hand.

We all live busy lives, and we want to get things done, mark them off our list, and move on quickly, but do we take the time to capture what we have actually done.

I say this because I am using the app on my phone to manage my to do’s, and it is working out ok for me. It was another thing to keep my attention on the phone, which I am not always super keen on, but using the app serves the purpose. It got more organised, and I started to get things done more constructively. 

When I completed stuff, I marked it as completed, and it disappeared because, well, it was completed. That is what happens. We end stuff and then jog on.

When I was looking for something that I had marked as completed, it was only today that I realised how much I had achieved since using the app. I switched off the filter that hid the things marked as done, and there in front of me was all the stuff that I had previously actioned and wrote off as done.

I was proud of some of the stuff when I was scrolling through the list, searching for the one thing I was looking for. It dawned on me that I do all this stuff, yet I am not taking the time to recognise or reflect on what I have done or get a bit deeper on the bigger why?

So I have made a change as from today. I have used my journal in conjunction with the points from my completed ‘to do list’ to capture more of my day. It’s a subtle change, and I catch what I have done and reflect on it more when I do my evening journal update.

This additional journaling technique gives me another perspective to play around with when I am writing. I also get a refresh on the dots that I am joining up on my journey, and I can see some of the themes that need more attention. This change will elicit further changes, no doubt, and that is good for me. The benefit of capturing what you have done is to refine what you are towards and to see progress.

The one thing I do is that I take the time to celebrate and recognise that I am getting sh*t done.

I pat myself on the back. It is allowed.

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