Buy the nice car.

Buy the beautiful handbag.

I was having a great conversation with a friend today, and they told me that they felt guilty when they were buying an expensive new handbag. They said they heard my words play in their head as they made the purchase. 

They heard me talk about being frugal and sensible with money and how any purchase was paid for by money, but money was time. 

I had to correct them as they were telling me this story. For the record, I am not against buying beautiful or expensive things. I am actually for curating your purchases and being clear on why you want to own what you are buying.

I offered up an example to back up the recognition of my words… I am clear that when I finally get to where I am going and can own and drive a car again, I want to drive a beautiful car, which is likely to mean an expensive car.

Note: I live and work in Beijing in China and have no need for a car, and I do not have a valid driving license for china.

I explained that compromising on the quality of my car is something I don’t want to do. I want to drive a nice car because it will make me feel good, happy and safe. I like nice cars, and although it makes financial sense to not own a nice (expensive) car, it does makes emotional sense.

Life is too short to go all dark-ages frugal on yourself… Live a little and treat yourself – when you are selective in what you buy, you enjoy the treat so much more. So buy the car you want if it is the thing you’re not willing to let slide and you can afford it. Go all in if it is your thing.

The same goes for the beautiful handbag.

Buy it. But know why.

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