Just f***ing Laugh. Do it.

Yes – I said that part aloud.

Just f***ing laugh because it will make you feel better.

I watched some Billy Connolly interviews, and man, does he laugh at life. He cracks up everyone around him. As an audience member, even when watching a taped version on YouTube, you also crack up.

The laughter is infectious, and it is transformational. The simplest of observations that ripple and build into a crescendo of laughter. Your belly aches and eyes water but with pleasure rather than pain. It is an uplifting of the soul in that flash of humour. That comedic timing and turn of phrase. He is a gifted, funny man.

It is not just Billy. It is many of the best comedians. They have that system to throw out the laughter so that it spreads like a positive virus. Good comedians make me laugh, but great comedians, I am sure, rewrite my brain chemistry and change my mental synapsis.

Listen, I know that for a fact, and I have done my research on it. Trust me on this.

If you want to start your own research – start here…

Recommended reading for research on your brain.

Otherwise, trust my research. I am a Facebook doctor on this topic. Entirely passed all my exams’ n’ that!! Honest.

Great comedy is like that scene from Pulp Fiction where Ulma gets it in the heart.

‘A shot to the Heart is when an injection of adrenaline (clinically termed epinephrine) is administered directly into a patient’s heart, usually by a forceful stab.’ 

I am in a fortunate place at this very moment with my personal life trajectory. My partner is from China, and we live together in Beijing. She is beyond fluent in English and is just discovering western stand-up comedy, and it is so much fun to be along for the ride. Every day is the discovery of a new performer and the sound of infectious laughter from somewhere in the apartment. It fills the air every day, and it makes me chuckle when I catch it.

For the record. Comedy in China is massive, but it is a different version of funny. The cultural funny in China is based on a style of comedy called crosstalk.

‘All in all, the content of crosstalk is a comedy comic art and the form of which is a dialogue art. The characteristics of crosstalk in content and form are not isolated from each other, but contains mutual interpenetration, interdependence and mutual transformation. Crosstalk is a unique invention of Chinese people and it is a unique treasure in Chinese culture.’


Experiencing someone on that journey of discovery of western stand-up comedy is breathtakingly funny. Sometimes I don’t know if I am laughing at the comedy or laughing at them laughing at the comedy.

But does that matter?

Just f**ing laugh. It is so refreshing and close to addictive. It is double dopamine. It is drug level addictive. Instagram to a teenager. (I know, not funny – or is it?)

If you want to have a fantastic day. Start with a clip of some great comedy. Add it into your morning routine alongside your first coffee of the day. There is a top grade pick-me-up double act if there has ever been any. Stand-up comedy is as good as any other medicine that can be prescribed.

It is a vaccination to combat the negative.

Unlike your friendly Texan Governor, I recommend it.

I say…

Get that shot and wear that mask.

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