What I learned about Twitter when I went full-on in there!!

Shouting into the void… 

Twitter is an odd thing to behold, and it feels like it is littered with people shouting into a void, hoping to get a fighting reaction back at them.

can see the fascination with it. I think.

It is like fishing, which is a sport that I never understood, but I could see the fascination with that when I went out to a river with a friend to fish. It was undramatically exciting. One single moment of drama surrounded with tedious moments of scrolling and reading the water.

Like fishing, with Twitter, you get a catch, or you hook a person into your outrageous claim, and boom, you are now in a struggle to land the debate in your favour. It is an adrenalin rush at that exact moment you get the reaction, and the battle is on to land that tiddler… or whale. I think the fish’s size depends on the number of followers or something like that – but who knows the rules.

People shout the craziest stuff into the Twitter void, and the responses are equally crazy. The real battle is when you get an opposing view, then it is full throttle. I am left with one takeaway from watching the charade often from the sidelines and periodically dipping my toe into the molten hate. 

There are a lot of crazy people out here in the world. And yet…

I never get to meet them. Ordinary people, the people walking around and interacting, all seem very sane to me. 

So what is going on here then? Where are the crazies at?

The only conclusion is that it is the sane, everyday people who are tossing off into the Twitter void hoping to get a similar reaction to create a feel-good factor for them similar to their trip through Pornhub. Only Twitter is more interactive, and it is a two-way communication hub that spits back at them the venom they yell out. Like real sex as opposed to the online stuff, Twitter is much more fun if you get a reaction from another. It is never the best experience when you are doing it alone. However, many of the people on Twitter are precisely in that act. They are self indulgers.

Yep, that was kinda blunt, but stop to think about who could be behind that latest tweet that has got you so annoyed. Is it the wee lonely guy in his basement as often proclaimed, or is it your next-door neighbour sitting at the dinner table ignoring his wife and kids as he casts his line into the wide-open sea?

I think Social Media fishing is now a new sport, and it is the latest game in town, Minecraft for the so-called adults in the room. Honestly, I do believe it triggers the same reactions in the brain as sports, online gaming or any other endeavour that leaves a dump of dopamine ricochetting through your brain like a bullet hitting a president. Like that magic bullet, the reality is that this new game can lead anywhere and have catastrophic outcomes…

…So Facebook and this Metaverse thing, Jesas H Christy bob and all that!! Armageddon is on the horizon, and it might play out in a virtual world. Less harm will be done, I suppose… or is it. 

Drugs don’t take prisoners either in real life or in some billionaires fantasy world.

We need to be cautious about where we go next. Stay away from the virtual world and the sweeteners to get you started on the big virtual drug stuff. The gateway drugs of Twitter, Facebook, etc., need to be carefully managed with your own personal controls because they sure as hell won’t do it, no matter the noise. 

Like any drug, legal or not, they are designed to keep you hooked and spending money. It is all about sustaining the profit for the shareholders. You, the sane person, are locked in because of your game addiction. It is a game to them, and they are addicted to the profit in the same way you are addicted to the catch and release of social media.

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”

Bob Marley

So what should you do then?

Get out and walk barefoot in the grass and get off the drugs, man.

Like any drug, limit your exposure to it or get off it all together. The people that decide things for us even say you should not be taking a daily aspirin now… well, until the next more expensive thing comes to the front to replace that cheap solution.

You know that, right? – it is always about the grift, the money, and you are the mark. Get off the drugs… they are feeding them to you for profit.

Do you get it yet?

You are the pellets in Pacman, not THE Pacman.

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