The people that do less are the critics.

The people that do less than you are always the first to criticise you.

When you put yourself out there and produce something from a creative angle, you will always find that someone has an opinion and that they are swift to rubbish what you do. 

They have every right to send you the critical comments and toss off their bile into the feedback streams of your creations. It is their privilege, and because you put the stuff out there, you have invited the generous feedback. Accept it. You can not change it. Often, these opinionated people are projecting their lack of guts to do something for themselves and spilling their personal frustrations out onto your endeavours.

It bothered me when I first read some of the negative comments people left for me to ponder intelligently. It ate away at me for the first couple, but now I see them clearly for what they are. I have followed their lineage back to their own creations, and they have nothing. I see their comments now for the crap that they are. They are nothing. Empty, hollow nothings.

People everywhere will have an opinion, and some will turn it into poison. Patriotic people who believe in their own country despite the evidence in front of their very eyes. The great and the gormless who are willing to fight from their armchairs for something they know nothing about and who leave their trail of warmongering across the world today. 

They know nothing about real war, and that shows in their desperate attempts to provoke for one. My father was in World War Two, and he didn’t talk much about it, but it was clear that it was not an experience he wished to spend too much time with.

War is horrific, and it should never be a solution. These people know nothing but hatred and live on nothing but propaganda from their own hell-hole echo chambers. They will always shout the loudest, and they are the last to stand for any pushback. 

I have come to the conclusion that they are my new ‘nothings’ and that you will always get people spouting off crap… about nothing!!

But know this, know that it is the very few that do spray out the nonsense. They are the isolated minority, and we should remember that picture as we go through our daily lives. 

Most people want you to succeed and actively encourage you. If you ever take the step out into the wide world and expose yourself, be ready for all the support you receive. It is terrific and makes your day when you receive a positive comment for something that you have achieved.

I have experienced an unbelievable amount of encouragement coming through from the various projects, writings, postings and youtube video updates that I am creating. The people who are the most supportive are the very people who are out there trying to achieve something. They are living their passion and are always supportive of other people.

They are out there wanting to entertain, inform or make a difference, and they are so happy to have you along for the ride.

This positive feedback far outweighs the negatives in the message and in number. Still, it was the single negative voice that always got my attention. It was like that in real life, away from the online communities… the negative voice is the one I would always rile up against and take my fight to. I look back at the many conflicts, and I think to myself, what a lot of energy I have wasted over the years. 

I see that now, conflict is not worth it. Nothing more than wasted energy and boiled blood for what, zero. 

There are so many more positive people in the world, and they want to be helpful. The vast majority of people are friendly. They want to be productive in life by supporting their fellow human beings and to be part of a community that helps life trundle along with fun and excitement. 

The mediocre minority are always amplified, but let them be nothing to you. Do not add comments to feed their volume. Turn your back on them. Ignore them, for they are nothings…

Let them die away with absolute emptiness to show for their troubles.

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