A breakthrough moment that led to a breakthrough video…

A breakthrough moment that led to a breakthrough video…

The snow in Beijing was magical. Such heavy snow and something that I had not seen in the five years I had been living here.

I watched from the early hours of the morning as the streets got whiter and whiter, and the snow on the window ledge of my forty-eight-floor apartment started to build up in the corners. It was a blizzard for sure, and it was turning the streets of Beijing into a winter wonderland.

It was a sight to behold, and I could almost feel the spirit of Christmas creeping into my mood. I could smell the pine, cinnamon and turkey.

As the daylight came into vogue and the seasonal picture emerged, I got more and more comfortable. I was warm, and from my advantage point, I could enjoy the feeling without any exposure to the extreme snowfall and freezing conditions.

Why should I move? It feels great right where I am.

Something inside me was telling me that this was an opportunity. I should get out with the camera and make an effort because this was the real news happening at the moment, and I could be reporting from the front line. 

All very dramatic and exciting.

But I was warm, and I was cosy. If I were to go out, I would have to prepare, and I can not be bothered moving.

My thoughts turned to how much effort it would take me to get out to a decent location to shoot the video and then get back and make an edit that I could quickly post. 

The monkey mind in me started to throw up more caution. There will be no transport, and the local tourist areas will be crowded. The wifi at home is so bad that it would take me hours to upload the finished video to my YouTube channel…. Blah blah blah, it went on and on about why I should stay where I am – rooted to the couch and covered in warmth.

It was a real opportunity, I countered against my own thoughts. I will miss this golden chance. This could be fun if I made an effort and just got out. No need to prepare, and I could stay local. It would be better than excellent to share what snowfall in Beijing is like because it doesn’t often happen with this amount of snow.

Make an effort. Make an effort. MAKE. THE. EFFORT.

Make the f*cking effort, I screamed into myself.

Something got through. It was like autopilot, and I had scared myself into action, and the fight or flight reaction had taken over, and I was off the couch.

The next thing I knew, I was on my feet and wearing the warmest jacket and hoodie. I had my bag with a hastily put together mix of camera oddities slung over my shoulder, and I was ready for the off. I informed my girlfriend that I had to get out, and she was happy to let me move at pace. She had seen the mad lamps of childish curiosity in my eyes before. Although she asked if I needed her to come with me, she gladly knew the answer would be NOPE… she was warm, snuggled up and stuck to the couch. I could see her sigh of relief.

I would be a couple of hours as I am just staying local, I said, but I don’t want to miss this as it will make a great YouTube video.

Go for it, she said, but stay warm as it is minus ten degrees outside.

Sh*t, it is that cold… I had second thoughts for about a, well, about a second, and then I was off.

I got out, and I captured some excellent content. I got home after an hour and quickly put together a video, and the upload went faster than I thought it would.

I am so glad that I forced myself to get off that couch. I pushed myself, and I had a breakthrough moment despite having the anxieties of negative thoughts. I was low while sitting on that couch, and truth be told, I felt sorry for myself. I love Christmas and snow, and I knew that I would not get home to see the family at Christmas this year, so I was wrestling with mixed feelings while covered in safety and warmth. 

Something made me jump into action, and It was likely my own anger at myself, but whatever it was, it helped me get through a moment that was careering towards a day of nothingness.

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up. Instead of what they have to gain.”― Rick Godwin

At times in life, you have to throw caution to the blizzard and go for it and then see where it takes you.

On this occasion, it took me to a breakthrough YouTube video because I usually get less than a hundred views for my posting, but this time it was different. 

This time it took off.

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