Five years from now and what?

Five years from now and what?

The daily entry from last year flashed up on my electronic journal, and my jaw dropped. My coffee dribbled down my mug onto my mask as I squinted my eyes to think. Am I reading this right, this was one year ago.

That can not be right. Can it?

Feck me, I remembered this event as if it was yesterday. This event was nothing significant, but I did record it as something, quickly forgetting about it until now. But a year ago? No way!!

That felt like it was only three months ago, maximum. I had to check the other journal entries around this time to see if my feeling was just wishful thinking. The time was confirmed, and it was one year ago to the day that this happened. So clear for being so long ago.

Time is moving so fast these days that I am thinking again about the next five years once again.

Questions I ponder every so often:

Where will I be five years from now?

Who will be in my life in five years?

What do I want to own in five years?

Will I have my health?

What will I be actively doing in five years?

Will I have succeeded in the plan that I have set out now?

Do I need to adjust anything now?

The answers to these questions are easily pondered over while having a light lunch and my last coffee of the day. I extended my lunch as I started my diary entry for this year.

My journal entry headline: Five years from now and what?

Question one, my answer…

If you are reading this over a coffee, pause and ponder this short list of questions because most people don’t, and they wake up five years down the line and say exactly that…

‘Feck me, really? No way, that feels like it happened just yesterday, how time flies. Are you sure, I am not sure. Five years ago… wow!!’

Don’t default to your life. 

Design it.

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