My Dad passed away…

On the flip side, as a father, I should make sure the images that my son flashes back to are positive, and they stir the correct thoughts.

A question of Volume versus Quality?

There will come a time to blend in the move towards quality and creep slowly away from the quantity. That in itself is a learning process and is part of the program.

Just f***ing Laugh. Do it.

It is not just Billy. It is many of the best comedians. They have that system to throw out the laughter so that it spreads like a positive virus. Good comedians make me laugh, but great comedians, I am sure, rewrite my brain chemistry and change my mental synapsis.

Buy the nice car.

They heard me talk about being frugal and sensible with money and how any purchase was paid for by money, but money was time.

Three words to guide happiness.

It was a straight-up, in-your-face question tossed my direction from a close friend, and I started my answer with three simple words. I paused first, for effect, thought about how to land my point and then I said…

Why gratitude is important.

Kathy was a phenomenal coach, leader and mentor, and I wish I would have taken the time to thank her for what she quietly taught me. I am so grateful for having worked with her, and I am so grateful that I know the power of gratitude.

Under three months left…

After taking a Creative Rest I can see another direction forming from the back of the year-long blogging target that I set myself. 85 days to go to blend in the other ideas!!

Beijing in the sunshine!!

Why shout your position from a place ignorance when you could take the time to research and know the accurate picture?

Social media is not all that Social.

Manage what you read online with the same protective swagger you would promote if you were an adult walking past the crazy on the street corner of your childhood home. 

Capture what you have done.

We move through our day getting things done but do we take the time to look back on what we have achieved? This story gives you one reason why and helps you add it into your daily workflow.

7 tips for the ‘new’ in-person office meetings!!

You are all back in the physical meetings after the lockdowns and the work from home palaver. It has been a while. It was the correct choice to save lives, but now it is a journey back to some normal for you all.

So, the meaning of life!!

That is the age-old question that has been explored in every single way known. Scholars the world over have been chewing on this big question throughout the centuries. There are millions of words written about the meaning of life, and the search will continue. 

Radical Candour is a WMD

Once you buy into the idea of being radical and candid with your employee, then you can guide them with that joyous gay abandon, as sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

I am bringing back PAPER…

I use paper for some writing exercises for mindfulness. I use a large paper moleskin book for special ‘keepers’ of my information, notes and things that I want to get back to in the future. But for everything else, I was all in on digital.