Can it scale, niche, funnel… Chill!!

I was talking to a friend of a friend and exploring some of the work that I am doing online now. I was also talking about this blog and a few other things that has got my interest and grabbed focus. Podcasting, video channel, writing, freelancing and designing some clobber… the usual online stuff to be exploring It was a great conversation and I was … Continue reading Can it scale, niche, funnel… Chill!!

The ‘game changer’ question?

There are some great questions to be asking to others and some killer questions to be asking yourself. “If you met someone exactly like yourself … The exact same situation as you right now with regards to your health, your relationships, your knowledge, the financial situation and your career… everything is the same… … what life advice would you give them right now?” I was … Continue reading The ‘game changer’ question?