Walking home, high on my toes!

The distance from where I work to where I live is about 2.5 kilometres. 

I walk to and from work every day. Some days that walk is short, and other days it is long, so desperately long.

That’s the times when the days are, well, like work. Hard f*cking work.

I am lucky to be able to walk to work because it cuts down on costs and fortunate because I also get to walk through Beijing’s streets, which is always an exciting experience.

I love Beijing and the hustle and bustle of a large metropolitan city. There are always things to see, things to experience, and I swear I hardly see the same person twice.

It’s such an exciting place.

It is cool.

The other benefit of the walk is that it helps me get some extra exercise and I can also soak up a podcast or an audiobook as I walk.

It is excellent to walk and learn at the same time. 

It’s a luxury I am fortunate to have.

But like I said, it can be a long walk or a short walk.

Today though was exceptional. Today it was like a sprint. 

Not because I was walking fast or, in fact, even sprinting. It was because I was high on positivity, and the time flew past. I was enjoying the walk so much because I caught sight of something. Change.

I can sense some winds of change. I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, and the new audiobook that I started listening to also lifted my spirits. It matched the theme of my mood and helped make the walk home so engaging.

I will come back to the audiobook in a second but let me address the winds of change comment first.

I left work today, and like always, it was a mixed day. Highs and lows, but I could sense something had turned. I have no idea what yet, but it is a gut feeling, an animal instinct that I have, that something has shifted.

I honestly had a sh*t day, but I left on a high! 

Go figure that out.

My take on it. I got past a sense of caring and moved towards being more carefree with the day’s challenges.

I let some sh*t go as I left to walk home. It was uplifting. 

I headed for my walk pumped.

I put on my earphones and pressed play to listen to my new audiobook and boom, right away, it caught my attention. 

It made me say to myself that ‘I wanted some of that.’

I wanted what they were describing in the book.

I listened to the audiobook as I walked home on my toes. Swaggering like a soft arse Liam Gallagher and getting happier by the minute.

I got so happy, I walked in front of a taxi, and he stopped for me to let me cross the road. I gave him the thumbs up as a thank you, and he waved back. 

I was enjoying the feel-good vibe from the book so much that I stepped aside, while walking on the sidewalk, to let a guy on his electric bike pass. He was riding it on the sidewalk towards me. (it’s a thing in Beijing) 

I stepped aside with a light-footed side step, and his female passenger that I hadn’t noticed shouted thank you to me… In English, and she waved. 

Very European! Ciao!

The flyer guy I would walk past every night, he is always handing out the gym flyers, said thank you in Chinese. You see, I never usually take one of the flyers, tonight though, I took one and read it as I walked. He seemed surprised at our new connection.

It was a moment.

I even bought something from a street vendor and paid over the odds for it in a bid to deliver charity with dignity and share the positivity that I was feeling…


I continued to walk home on my toes because the book was right on the button for me at that moment in time.

What was the title of the book, you might ask?

Well, the title of the audiobook is…

Corporate Rebels.

By Joost Minnaar & Pim de Moree

I recommend it, but to get the whole point of why it grabbed my attention so much, well, you just had to have been there.

Experience a local community at the Great Wall of China.

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