Dump the Phone more frequently.

Ok, I have to confess here. I don’t have the best eyesight, and I have been resisting going to get my vision tested. 

I have no reason to resist because it is an easy and straightforward thing, and, truth be told, I used to wear glasses in my late teens, early twenties and then about 15 years ago, I got the laser treatment.

I would recommend to anyone to get the laser treatment because it is life-changing. I went from swimming with my son wearing my glasses and fumbling around when I didn’t have them on, to swimming freely without a care in the world.

I also remember what it looked like in a night club with my new lasered eyes and no glasses – again, a very different experience.

Over the last fifteen years, they have lasted well and only now have they began to deteriorate.

The thing is, I wake up in the morning, and they are good, and then as I go through the day, they get progressively worse. The reason for this is crystal clear to me.

The reason? it is my friggin phone. I am using it so frequently now that I can actually feel my eyes warp as they try to adjust when I look up from it. That is not good, I think.

Ask yourself how often do you use your phone. Ask yourself are your eyes holding up to it? Is your mind taking it ok? Are the people you are ignoring handling it ok?

I don’t know your answers to this, but I can hazard a guess…

No, my eyes are also struggling at times – they feel tired, but my body is all good. It is just my eyes, man!

No, my mind is getting its dopamine hit, but it is wrecking with my patience and attention span. It has me by the short and curlies, and it won’t let me go. It is like an addiction, clawing at me.

No, I think people around me get pissed off at my lack of attention. I know I get pissed off at them when they don’t give me their full attention back. Why wouldn’t they give you their full attention?

Because they are also always on their phones doing something not that important.

Funny that!

Here is my solution. Just dump the phone in a drawer or your bag, walk away and leave it alone more often. Do it. It isn’t easy at first but set yourself a goal. Leave your phone alone for ten minutes and then gradually build up to longer – one hour.

You decide what a decent time is to get yourself some headspace, some freedom time from your phone. I would recommend an hour a day. 

An hour a day away from the menace of your phone is the goal. 

Try it. It is liberating.

Once you crack getting that divorce for an hour, then go for increasing the frequency…

Or at least put it on its charger at 9 pm and don’t answer to it until the following morning.

The 9 pm phone curfew is something I recommend without hesitation. 

Of all the sh*t I recommend – I would say do that for sure.  

You can thank me later.

The other recommendation is to buy yourself some ‘Blu Blocker’ glasses. You know the ones, they block out the harmful rays from the phone screen or your Macbook etc.

Get them. They are also an excellent buy.

Cheaper than an eye test and prescription glasses…

For now!!

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