Running out of Steam or…

…the moment before my second wind.

Having blogged every day this year, I have started to feel it the last couple of days. I set myself a target of blogging every day this year to have an average of over 700 words and finish with the 365 blogs! I have one hundred and fifty-seven more blogs to go to meet the target I set myself.

I thought it was an achievable but stretching target, and I still do. What I did not factor in was fatigue. Life fatigue, work fatigue and writing fatigue.

I feel it today. Fatigue.

But I am pushing myself to capture this blog and to get through the lull. I know that it is only a temporary feeling. I have been here before many a time, and I have always managed to get through it.

I know through my previous experiences that tough times are seasonal, and this will be a short season of distractions and lacking energy. I have a couple more days of work before my annual leave, and I know that the rest and additional gift of time will allow me to step back up into the blogging with enthusiasm.

Right now, though, I need to get through today.

Tomorrow will be a new day and one of the closing days of an old season.

The spring is coming.

With a vengeance.

Do me a favour, like my Youtube channel and subscribe if you can, you might just brighten up this season for me.

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