Time to take stock: 10 points to ponder for two weeks.

We are halfway through the year, and I am heading off on annual leave. It is time to review what I am working on and the ‘Why?’ that is behind it all.

I feel that I am pretty clear on purpose. I can see that I am getting better at things day by day, with minor incremental improvements. Still, it is good to take an extended moment to check in to see if anything needs fine-tuned.

The ceiling design in an American themed fast food restaurant in Beijing, China.

So, what does that mean?

It means I will do a stress check on the following ten points across the two weeks that I am off on my travels:

  1. Are my financial plans robust enough, and will they still allow me to achieve my goal for F.I.R.E retirement?
  2. Is my training plan covering the right disciplines that I need and want to learn, and are they fit for my future purpose?
  3. Have I made the correct provisions for my children in the last six months, or do I have to make adjustments?
  4. Do I need to assess my ownership of things and clear through what I don’t need, and get rid of some stuff?
  5. Am I proud of myself for the last 6 months? If so, why?, if not, what do I need to change?
  6. Does my bucket list of places to see and things to do need to be reviewed, or am I still content with what I have planned?
  7. Do this next quest over coffee and outdoors. Look back at my journal entries and ask myself, do I see any themes that I must address or celebrate?
  8. Is my health and diet where I want it to be, and if not, what adjustments or habits do I need to put in place to live a long life?
  9. What three things do I want to stop doing, and what two new things do I want to start doing? 
  10. Spend one hour answering the following question: Am I happy?

It is always insightful to reflect on the questions and points I put to myself to refine my yearly plans.

This will be an adventurous two weeks off, both internally and externally!

The joy of having my time!

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