WordPress you have served your purpose…

I started the year on January the 1st, 2021, with the following statement;

‘I will blog on WordPress every day for this whole year, and my average word count will remain above 700 per post.’

This action aimed to get me to focus on something, build my habit of writing, improve my writing, and finish the year with an achievement. This year above all other years, has been challenging. Covid has kept me from travelling back to see the family, so blogging has given me something to keep me occupied.

So far, I have achieved what I aimed to do. We have 133 days left in the year, and my average word count is 719 words per post. I have not missed a day. Touching wood as I type that.

I am not sure if my words have helped anyone, but they have helped me. We are now in the second half of the year, and I will keep going to finish the goal I set myself…

…But after the year is out, and we move into the following year, my focus will not be WordPress. It will be Medium. 

I will be ready to step up into a daily Medium piece that might be more authoritative by my design come the new year. I might also be able to make some money from Medium. 

For the record, I have already made the princely sum of two cents. Seriously, they paid me two cents for my recent post. So with that, they have got my attention.

Money talks. 

However, money has got my attention, but the fact that the audience is more engaging on Medium is what swings the decision. Medium is for writers and readers. People that are trying to make a difference. An impact.

To me, WordPress feels like I shouting across the ocean, my voice disappearing with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. With Medium, it feels more like shouting across a busy Scottish Loch. Other nature lovers who are also rambling and enjoying the outdoors hear my voice and echo back an opinion. They are helping with feedback, insight and sharing about how to best enjoy the beautiful Scottish Loch.

I am now in training to engage with Medium as a step up come the new year. I will transfer what I have written on WordPress over into Medium, and from today I will post into both sites. I have only gains to be made here. The idea of being a content creator is what I have been working towards, and so I continue to feel more and more that I am on the right path.

I still have a ton of stuff to learn, and I am setting myself up to engage with a lifelong learning mindset.

I am clear that this will take a lifetime, and, funny enough, that is what I have. 

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