How to be happier with one clarifying sentence.

How to be happier with one clarifying sentence. Yeah?

So if you are reading this, you want to find out how to be happier in your daily life. So don’t stop here. Keep on trucking down the page.

This will work for eighty-five percent of most people for the others, the Trumpers. There is no saving your kind.

The news is making you unhappy. You don’t realise it, but it is. It weighs you down like a brick. It is a negativity farm. Designed to nothing much except sell advertising and not to keep you informed.

You know that this is true, yet you will struggle to avoid getting engaged with some form of news. It is everywhere, and even when you actively disengage with the information… it will still find a way to get to you. It is crafty like that.

Your social media feed is an echo chamber. A walk down the high street, and you will be hit with updates from the most unlikely sources. Friends will discuss the latest breaking news with you or with people close by. Your email, phone notifications and car radio all play their part in dripping news reports into your head. It is unavoidable.

All this crap is making you unhappy. You don’t realise it, but it is. It forces your brain to take offence, seek blame, or find an excuse for your own personal circumstances. 

Do yourself a favour and pay attention to the news with some concentration. There is a reason for positioning that you give it a decent amount of your active engagement.

If you want to be happy. To deal with this negativity creep head-on, knowing that you can not avoid the news, you have to do this one thing.

For this to work, you MUST be honest.

The one thing is to ask and then answer this one question.

“In what way does this news affect me personally?”

When you answer this truthfully, with perspective and honesty. You will realise that so much of the propaganda does not affect you. A minimal amount of the daily news cycle will impact you this very day. 

I am sure you see that when you look with that open mindset and question?

When you get an understanding, a realisation of what is really impacting you, then you can make a choice on how to deal with this.

Everything else, just let it go. Trust me, you will be a million times happier with this newly liberated mind.

Let all the other shit go…

It is not worth giving it rent in your head.

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