The U.K. versus China.

The U.K. versus China. An opinion that I am allowed to have because I can.

Before I get into this general feedback, please understand that I believe most people in the U.K. and China want the same thing. My comments are broad brush, and I do not deny that.

The following are five broad brush reasons why the UK is way behind China…

The UK is turning in on itself. Brexit, racism and anti-immigration are soon to be the reason for the disintegration of the U.K.

What the U.K. changes into remains to be seen but change it will and inwards seems to be the direction.

China is looking to the future and building plans around growing alongside its population and its neighbours. It is demonstrating a much more inclusive approach to others than the U.K.

The U.K. backed out of the agreements with its neighbours because we were sold a lie about the benefits that would be gained. It seems that only a particular group has benefited, and everyone else is collateral to their growth. In China, there is more balance towards spreading the gains from the alignments made with global partners.

Streets in the U.K. are bursting with homeless people, food banks, and money is being syphoned off to the wealthy, and there is no investment happening elsewhere in the country.

Why do we accept it?

China has pulled over 500 million people out of poverty and is now looking to rebalance the growing wealth gap by looking after the communities through the redistribution of obscene wealth.

The U.K. is living in the past. The glory days of Britannica are gone, the wealthy have sucked everything out of the country, and it is nothing but a hollow shell.

Look at the reality of what’s there – for example, the military capabilities and compare that to other nations… compare it to China.

It is feeble.

The U.K. is 64million people weak, and it is structured so that most of that population has lost its identity to any greater cause. I don’t see how we could muster the spirit that helped survive the great wars. There is an air of defeat and deference to past glory’s. It is sad, but it could have been so different.

Unchecked Capitalism – look at what is happening in China versus what is happening in the U.K.

China has started work on correcting the absolute abuse of capitalistic power. This is presented in the western media as abhorrent. Yet, I have heard everything they are putting into action talked about with positive passion in pubs and clubs in the U.K. people talk about the system’s unfairness, how it is stacked against them. In China, they are stacking it more evenly. What is not to admire about that? If you really took the time to understand what the U.K. economy is made up of, you would be shocked to see that mix. The U.K. economy is made up of a large portion of services and financial services. This financial services sector has many simple controls which allows London to wash so much dark profits through its honourable institutes. I use the word honourable because it’s associated with our parliament. For me, that place of ill repute is the epitome of everything that is reflective of the abuse of capitalism.

The corruption we see and accept is unacceptable- when there is such abuse in China, it is dealt with, and people face the consequences. An example of the abuse of power is the £37Billion spent on an unworkable track and trace system. There is also countless other mysterious procurement purchases and contracts awarded to friends and family of the people in the know.

Why do we accept it?

It would not be tolerated in China. The evidence is there to support that statement if you look closely. If you are corrupt and in power, you will face the consequences.

In the U.K., there is a Lack of building on infrastructure and no real significant investment outside of London. Meanwhile, China is spending so much on growing its infrastructure and at such a pace. It is all designed for life away into the future, and there is planning to meet the requirements fifty years in advance. China is playing Sim City, and the U.K. is playing Pong…. A world apart.

I know I am being broad in my comments here. I have lived in both countries and I can speak from my experiences.

What saddens me the most is that people in the U.K. placidly sit back and accept it.

I wish they wouldn’t.

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