What I miss is not what you think!

What I miss is not what you think!

I miss lots of things. I miss my family the most, but that is a whole other story. One with a lot of emotion. Heartbreaking emotion.

But one other thing I missed today was something that I will make sure I add to my house if I ever have a place again. Likely fitted out In the garage. That’s where it would be suited.

The garage would be my choice in my home design, but once you know what it is, you might choose differently. You might reject it outright as a crackpot idea. It might be to some, but not to me. It would be heaven to me.

So what was it I was missing?

It became apparent at a meeting today that I would love to have something at my disposal that I did have access to before. It’s gone now, but it is much missed by me.

Does that make sense?

Any way. Today I missed having a twenty-foot by ten-foot whiteboard wall that I could run amok with when expressing our ideas and supporting the open discussions.

Picture that for a minute. That is wall to wall, floor to ceiling whiteboard. You can grab a set of whiteboard pens, and you can lose yourself for hours in discovering ideas that you never knew you had in you. 

I think this idea has legs, as they say. It could be a competing idea for all the new-fangled workspaces that are popping up.

My business idea would be to build out several rooms surrounded by the whiteboard, pump in music or inspirational sounds of the users choice and let them rip away with the marker pens. The room doesn’t need much more than that.

I would call it the ‘Think rooms’ if I ever launch the idea.

Group work could take on a whole new meaning. Strip people of their electronic devices, issue them with marker pens and lock them in for a short period of time after priming their minds with some pre-work and bingo – people could work up ideas that would change their world.

You could rent the room per hour and throw in different packages. Do you want the inspiration quotes package, the rock music? Would you prefer the pre-work primer, the natural effect, or the complete day package with food passed through the slot on the bottom of the door?

Who knows what it could be, but I would love to have that experience. Lock me away with a problem, a group of intelligent, crazy people and a set of pens and hit me with music or quote as an intermitting wake-up call. I think we would change the world.

This is a sound idea, but I need to work up the idea into a good business plan. I need a place to work.

I wonder if any spaces near me could support that need.

Oh, the irony of a catch 22 situation.

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