A career or a job, which is it?

A career or a job, which is it?

I listened to an old podcast that I had saved because I was curious about why I had saved it. I don’t often save podcasts, but I saved this one a while back. Why?

I could not remember why I had kept it, so I listened to it again. Halfway through it, I was still none the wiser. I thought maybe I had saved it because I was testing the save feature in the podcast app. 

Obviously, it worked.

Just as I was about to flick over to another podcast, I heard the paragraph that made me save the podcast episode.

“Most people don’t have a career they have a job. Careers are what a tiny fraction of the population achieve, a very small fraction. You will have a job. By its definition, a job is something that you get paid for because you wouldn’t do it voluntarily. You might earn more money as you move up a job ladder, but it is still a job. Don’t get confused. Get clear where your job sits versus your life. Now life, that is what matters.”

There is a chicken and egg feeling to this statement about job and career…

Yeah, there is so much to unpack within that paragraph. I remember thinking about it at the time and arguing with myself for both sides of the central statement. Is your job a job, or is it a career? What do I have? Do I have a career? Would I do what I do and accept not being paid for it, hell no!! 

So what I thought was my career is JUST A JOB. 

Ok. I buy that.

Let’s face it if your job/career stopped paying you tomorrow and your employer still asked you to come to work, you would refuse. You would have to go find another job because you would need the money to pay for life.

So the only hypothesis here is that a job and a career are the same things, and you need them up to a point. You need them to survive. Once you can survive without either, then what do you have?

You have a choice. 

Choose life.

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