Lego is not life. Editing is.

Like McDonald’s french fries, Lego promises so much but disappoints. The difference is that McDonald’s french fries can come with curry sauce if you ask for it. Lego doesn’t. And even if Lego was to go with curry sauce, it would still taste rotten.

Put your phone on a diet…

“You need to put your phone on a diet man, that is not good for your health. All that stress from having too many apps to choose from. Have you never heard of decision fatigue?”

How to get lost in writing stuff on paper!

The HomePod filled the air with sounds, and I drifted into my head. Waiting. Bobbing to the music and waiting. And then I caught it, like an early morning surfer catching that third wave. The rewarding wave that was better than the first two and won’t be beaten by any other that morning.

What you miss when you don’t do your research.

But yet, I don’t always take the time to do the groundwork to maximise the experience. The reason I don’t is purely nonsensical. My excuse concerning not having the time or my claim that it is a waste of energy because I like to discover things when I arrive is dumb.

A career or a job, which is it?

Most people do not have a career they have a job. Careers are what a tiny fraction of the population achieve, a very small fraction. You will have a job. By its definition, a job is something that you get paid for because you wouldn’t do it voluntarily.