Take 10 minutes out of your day…

A small investment in time can make a huge difference if you design it that way.

7 tips for the ‘new’ in-person office meetings!!

You are all back in the physical meetings after the lockdowns and the work from home palaver. It has been a while. It was the correct choice to save lives, but now it is a journey back to some normal for you all.

So, the meaning of life!!

That is the age-old question that has been explored in every single way known. Scholars the world over have been chewing on this big question throughout the centuries. There are millions of words written about the meaning of life, and the search will continue. 

Radical Candour is a WMD

Once you buy into the idea of being radical and candid with your employee, then you can guide them with that joyous gay abandon, as sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Be your own Boss!!

To be your own boss. You should be ready to be your own employee. The last think you want to do with yourself is to have the TALK. No, not that talk. That Talk.

I am bringing back PAPER…

I use paper for some writing exercises for mindfulness. I use a large paper moleskin book for special ‘keepers’ of my information, notes and things that I want to get back to in the future. But for everything else, I was all in on digital.

What do you own and why?

I could identify what I would happily not have purchased and what I would spend that money on now if I had it. But, this in itself poses a question. Why don’t I buy this stuff now, and if I did, would I be able to justify the purchase by referring to the first question posed?

Phone anxiety is a real thing!!

I felt real pressure to get back home as quickly as possible. I had not felt like this in a long time, and I could feel my temperature rising and sweat running down my back as my heartbeat took a sharp jump.

The secret to a successful morning!

If you are going to set up a morning routine, make it work for you. Design your own and make it what you want it to be. This approach is part of what makes a successful morning. It would be best if you weren’t trying to squeeze in another person’s routine into your morning. It will not work, and it will demoralise you. Stick with what YOU want to do.

Time stands still for no man.

You have to learn to adapt and change your plans to suit the people in your life. Sometimes you have to accept and realise that the time you had allocated is not yours to utilise and so the what you had put aside as a time allocation to get your shit done… stands still and your time becomes their time and that is ok. Love it. embrace it and do not sweat the small stuff.

Someone tackle the crazy meetings.

The attendees. The time and space between meetings. The purpose for the meetings… everything. Every. Frigging. Part. Of. It. Needs. To. Be. Reviewed.

The unexpected gift from blogging.

I have been living in Beijing for five years now, so this is my fifth winter, and usually, it comes on fast. It would transition from summer to winter with nothing more than a casual glance towards autumn.

The Album versus the Book!!

Now non-fiction books are where I think we could make some changes to the recommendation process. This is where I believe we can take the direction from the album recommendation process. I think we can dish out the detail and the context of the book, but I think we should chop in the reason for reading the book and the go-to chapter. 

Stop, Stopping what you start!!

Starting things is never easy, but stopping things, chucking them, quitting, is always so simple. But yet, it is so damaging.