A ‘magical’ big spending day!

In life, there is nothing better than giving help, support, assistance or gifts to others.

Digital Currency… WTF?

If you have kids, then put in place a mechanism to help them learn and manage their money from an early age. No one else will. The schools don’t teach it, and I am not sure they should, so it is down to you, dear parent.

3. Money is time in physical form.

Think of that money you will hand over at the next transaction when you buy something, as tiny bundles of time because it actually took your time to earn them.

Passive income streams on the journey to FIRE?

These ideas come dripping into my inbox, all disguised as the latest and best way to become wealthy. It is all more blah, blah and about one-way money transference—mine to theirs.

What lit my F.I.R.E, and what keeps it burning.

That was the catalyst for me to start a journey towards FIRE. I did not know at the time that this was the journey I was on. I just knew that I was never going back to that stressful situation.

How to look at money…

I would think it all very f*cking heavy; however, there was always niggling of common sense somewhere in there.