To Light Travel.

So all going well. I should be heading towards Wuhan in a couple of days. I am all booked up, which was done in a heightened response to a challenge from a conversation that took place tonight. If I really want to push it, then I should just go do it.

10 Tips to know before starting your project.

So I am now left with the quandary of going all out and sorting, organising and planning carefully for everything I do from now on or, I take the ball-aching prospect of the retrofit. Organising all the stuff from the past into the way of the future.

This tickles me sad!

Get back to the office and work they say. We say different… or so we say? What do you say?
Thought so – money talks.

Obstructionist language is invigorating!

Of course, he was right. I would never have liked the army. I admire the people who excel in such a field. I am in awe of the soldiers who go on to be the elite. That is some real mental toughness right there for everyone to see if they want you to see it.

A horrible but necessary quote is…

Some quotes can hasten your actions and spring you into life. Some quotes can make you stop and ponder. It is all depending on your listening skills and your mood.

In Production: My top 10 City’s in China.

The following was a script I wrote for my soon to be released youtube video. The one thing I learned from this new experience of scripting out what you want to say – is that it is hard and it is easy to get the timing wrong by overwriting… 

Update to go backwards!

Frustration and pain as I pieced things back together throughout this week. I take full responsibility for my wasted and unproductive week – I should have known.

In Production: Why China?

Some great people out here in China are from all over the world doing this already. I will share some of the links to them in the description below. I will join their discussions and echo them as we discuss more of what China is actually like.

Pay (Play) yourself first…

Write yourself in as the hero and scribble in a healthy, wealthy lifestyle and do it with a compassionate core as your character lives a life of servitude to others.

Locked into your phone!

I understood right then the challenge he had in getting his product to breakthrough. People want short, sharp and fast entertainment, and they want to switch off their brains to allow them the space to soak it up. 

Know what problem you are trying to solve!

I am sharing my own journey to a productive retirement. To inspire others to think early about retirement and to take the steps now in preparation for the life that they want

Personalise your workflow…

But in my recent learning experience with video editing, YouTube, blogging and website design, I adopted a different approach. 

Pick the Simple choice.

Excellent reframing of a problem… This is another crucial task for today, food and drinks consumption.

Why we should be thinking about our death?

This is possibly going to be a touchy subject for many people, but then not many people read this blog (yet – I am forever hopeful), so I might only upset a select few.

Some days the Universe speaks to me…

I open up Facebook, which is something I don’t do a lot as I am not a big fan of that social media platform. The first posting I see is what I have cut and pasted below.

A special place in hell.

There has to be a special place in hell set aside for the program developers who think they are so smart in hiding the shorts cuts and usability in the slickness of their design. It is not smart. It is an dick move… why hide your most initiative design elements? Oh wait, I know. Because…