Yes, I like Chinese food but there is more than that in Beijing.

There is so much variety of food in Beijing.

I have flights all booked up and sorted after another day that challenged my Keanu. So it is all good, providing, of course, I can actually board the flight given the ever-changing situation.

Anyway, fingers crossed, and I am looking on the bright side. This flight is the first time to be back home in over a year and a half. I am a happy man because we have light at the end of the tunnel and all that… (cliche after cliche)

Back to the food in Beijing!

When I get back home to the UK, I know I will be asked all the same questions about living in China, and one of the reoccurring themes I always get asked is if I like Chinese food.

The answer is always going to be the same – Yes, but there is so much variety to Chinese food in itself, and it isn’t all Chinese food. You do know that there are restaurants from all around the world in Beijing. You name it. We have it.

You ask we have. Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian, UK (pint and a pie), Portuguese, French, Traditional Chinese, Chinese with a twist, Fusion… I even had food in a HotPot restaurant that was serviced by robots. Real Robots. Video dropping soon.

The conversation above precedes the list of names from Pizza Hut to KFC, to high-end places to eat, to Michelin Starred locations that I get asked if we have – Yes, Yes and Yes… there is all of that in Beijing and more.

I was once asked before if we had pineapples in China. Seriously some people, read more, travel more and get away from the propaganda more.

The world is enormous, and it’s advancing quicker everywhere than what it is back home. Trust me; it will surprise you if you stopped to look around once in a while.

So with this conversation about food looming, I have decided to start another little passion project, which is videoing some of the places I get to eat at in Beijing and posting them on Youtube.

I am aiming to record at least a new video each week, so with any luck, I should have about 10-15 video’s to point people to when I get back, as proof of how good the food is here in Beijing, China.

I have realised I am sh*t in front of the camera, and I am shy at heart and don’t like drawing attention to myself. But I will push on with this project as I want to get better at all that stuff.

So if you are interested in seeing some of the places that you can eat at in Beijing, then drop into my Youtube channel and subscribe. I have a couple of food videos already, and I have the Robot Hotpot one to edit for the weekend. That is well worth seeing, so much fun.

Please drop in to the channel and leave some feedback on my latest project, and maybe, just maybe… I will surprise and delight you by showing you around the Beijing restaurants.

I will have Spanish, British, Italian,

Eating out in Beijing.


Drop into the channel.
What is there to lose?
There is much to gain, including what I augment around the waist.
After all, It is all for a good cause.

It is all in the service of education – and I will take one (15) for the cause.

Park Life in Beijing China.

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