Time stands still for no man.

They say that time stands still for no man, but I am not so sure.

Because it did for me today in more ways than one. Today was that kind of day, but hold on. Hear me out because everything is not what you think. You have jumped to a conclusion. I also did the same today, for a moment. But I paused, contained the urge, and I listened and accepted my fate.

I started the day with a plan. A set of goals to achieve by the end of the day. After distractions, interruptions, and a change of plan, I ended the day with the goals intact because someone else had their plan. Each and every one of them is still to be achieved. So, in essence, time stood still for me.

Whoops, a do!

Tomorrow I will start the day with the same goals and, I suppose, the same plan. It will feel like déjà vu, and I will have lost a day. Go figure. I am not getting any younger, so time is a crucial component of my thought patterns, and it is a stressor at the best of… times.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I should be frustrated with this loss. But I am not. This type of loss is meaningless when you compare it to the real world, and there are many more essential things in the world to mourn and get distressed over. Perspective is a stoic trait, which I am working on to get better at. Things are always sent to test us. This is reset is trying, and I engage with my empathy, perspective and keeping things real. Honestly, no kidding. I accept the change forced upon me.

This sh*t means diddly squat. 

Will I be able to get the day back? Nope. Tomorrow, will I be able to adjust some stuff. Review the priorities, do what is more meaningful, and kick the rest into the long grass (or kick it out altogether)… Yes, probably. If I chose to do so. It is always my choice unless it is someone else’s. Then it is about compromise.

This episode now becomes one of life’s significant lessons.

This is the lesson. Nothing is that important that you can not adjust to make way for the right people in your life. That moment where you feel the urge to resist, to say, but I had plans… fight it, keep it capped. Go with the flow and accept that things change, and see where the day takes you. Embrace it and go all in, and leave the petted lip at home. You will never be disheartened if you take the shape of the new day with a positive frame of mind and just accept that your to-do list is gone.

Things change. Be chameleon-like and change with it.

If I were to review the day, I would scramble for a grand narrative to explain why the day was so good. But I am not going to do that. I do not need to explain the detail, and that is not the point of this story. You, the avid reader, do not need to see the finer detail of what made the day so great. All I will say is I spent the day embracing nothing but the right people in my life, and all that is left to say is that…

The day was spectacular.

Spectacular is a word that I use sparingly. But today, it takes its pride of place in my journal as the header to my entry for today.

Spectacular, that’s all there is to say.

Enough said.

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