Beijing in the sunshine!!

I have been enjoying Beijing in the sunshine…

I get some choice feedback online when I paste some positive stuff about China. I am not posting propaganda, and I am just sharing what I see and experience from the viewpoint of someone who is just passing through the country. I don’t know the whole story behind the complexities of China, and I have never claimed to know otherwise…

That’s for other people to debate.

I do know that people seem happy, engaged, and enjoying a feeling of peace and a quality of life that is constantly improving.

But because someone from the back of beyond in America has had their brains tossed by the narrative that suits their leaders, they are obviously a fully qualified person to pass comment on China…

My response.

Enjoy the sunshine and jog on, crazy lady.

Oh, and get your vaccine and wear your mask because I don’t want you to get sick.

I really don’t, even though I know you are.

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