Invest in yourself by doing this…

I love what you read and what you share. You inspire me to stay curious and keep alive in spirit and in the breath.

Tempting to take a day off!

I have to admit. Somedays, I just want to grab the phone out of someone’s hand and scream… pay f*cking attention. My two pet hates at the moment. 

Invest in experiences…

What we remember isn’t objects. What we remember are experiences. We should invest our time and effort, and money to get these experience

Give me your full attention Mrs Multitasker.

As for this idea of multitasking, Nah mate, your brain doesn’t work that way. You are not multitasking, you are multi switching, and in that switching, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Not everything counts…

Spend wisely with these guys, as they will constantly be dipping into your purse. They will rob away your time if you allow them.

Video Blogging is not easy…

The other person I watched a lot of today on YouTube was Anthony Bourdain. His travel series was outstanding, and I got a new perspective by attempting to do a video blog. I realised how good at it he was.

Digital Currency… WTF?

If you have kids, then put in place a mechanism to help them learn and manage their money from an early age. No one else will. The schools don’t teach it, and I am not sure they should, so it is down to you, dear parent.